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How To Football: Week 7

Smile, you’re on Cricket

WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

Scarlet A Shift

  • Iowa State-Cincinnati: Nobody expected the Bearcats to just show up and kick ass in the Big 12, but it’s been rougher sledding than expected. Similarly, Iowa State and Matt Campbell are feeling the heat after a 3-3 start that included a loss to a MAC school. If the Clones lose this one, watch to see who Campbell tries to fight postgame.
  • Syracuse-Florida State: Unfortunately for Syracuse, it is no longer September and the October rent is DUE.
  • Arkansas-Alabama: If this game was a month ago then I’d feel good about Arkansas’ chances, but I’m afraid Alabama has once again figured it out.
  • Michigan State-Rutgers: What are you, some kind of sicko?

Cascadia Cup Shift

  • Oregon-Washington: Nothing snarky, nothing funny, this game is going to rule. Looking forward to it,
  • BYU-TCU: Again, nothing funny here, this should be an absolute heater of a game with some interesting matchups clashing against each other.
  • Texas A&M-Tennessee: So Joe Milton may have a cannon for an arm, but may not be the guy, but this is another interesting matchup clash between Jimbo’s pro-style game and Heupel’s up-tempo air raid.
  • Kansas-Oklahoma State: If Jalon Daniels is a go, this could be a pretty sizeable asskicking. If he’s not, then ehhhh I dunno.

Evening Shift Presented by Cricket Wireless

  • Auburn-LSU: So are we going to throw burner phones on the field when Auburn comes out of the tunnel or
  • USC-Notre Dame: You can practically smelly the disappointment in 30 Rockefeller since llvll upset the Fighting Irish to drop them to two losses and out of the playoff conversation ahead of this matchup with still (somehow) undefeated USC.
  • Miami (FL)-North Carolina: The spread for this one is UNC -3.5 and boy howdy does that feel incorrect. It’s almost like a trap.
  • UCLA-Oregon State: The Beavs may have lost the Left Behind Bowl to Wazzu, but they still are very much in charge of their own destiny in regards to the PAC-12. Actually, let me edit that in real-time: The Beaves may have lost the first round of the Left Behind Bowl to Wazzu.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • Boise State-Colorado State: America’s favorite team, Colorado State, returns to the late-night shift where earlier this season they set viewership records for a late kick against lowly Colorado. Will lightning strike twice? Is America still as infatuated with Rams head coach Jay Norvell?
  • Montana-Idaho State: Not only are we blessed with some late night Big Sky action, it’s COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM THE KIBBIE DOME BROTHER.
  • San Diego State-Hawaii: ALOHA FRIENDS!