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Link Gumbo: A series known for Defensive Line Play

Auburn had a bye week and I expect the kitchen sink

Is the big man finally getting his legs under him?
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

An Auburn Game halfway through the season. Not the beginning of the season like it has been. I keep on thinking of a good time to play Auburn during the year and I realized there is never a good time to play Auburn. Especially Auburn coming off a bye week. Auburn Jesus has no seasonality, he shows up whenever he feels like.

And so I am not taking this game lightly, but in reality that is gonna be the vibe for every game the rest of the season. I’m glad JD is full go in practice, but bruised ribs are bruised ribs. It is one thing to finish a game with them high on adrenaline. It is another task to feel that pain all week and enter a game with it. The team will have to carry parts of his game I feel like.

And this series has been wild and meaningful for the last two decades. One defining aspect of this game is the play of the D Line. Auburn is one of the few schools in the country that has attracted top tier talent on the front, and it has allowed them to jump up and bite the big dogs every once in a while with UGA and Bama. I don’t see that high tier this year, but I do see the bye being an advantage of fresh legs and fresh looks in play calling.

But I also saw a difference in the LSU D Line in the 2nd half against Mizzou. Particularly with Smith. Is he getting into form and into game shape? Is Jefferson doing a good enough job of preventing double teams all game for Smith? Is Pete Jenkins that freaking good at his job? We will need the D Line to continue to improve and shut down this Auburn offense that isn’t the strongest force.


Those stats are promising

I don’t agree with every spot we are asking him to play, but I do agree this is absurd

COVERING LUTHER BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!