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Link Gumbo: O Line’s time to shine

We have one of the best units in the country

Do your job
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I think the offensive line is fantastic this year. It is playing at Joe Moore levels and deserves some praise halfway through the season.

Jayden getting better with the deep ball? O Line helped with that. Diggs being considered one of the best transfer gets in the country? O Line helped with that. Being able to be a WR focused offense? O Line gave us time in the pocket for that. Quarterback jumping into Heisman contention? Buy that O Line some steaks.

This is mainly giving them flowers and praise prior to the biggest test they will have so far this year. FSU had more talent across the board, but this is the game that we need to keep our QB clean and our running backs moving forward.

I know they have it in them, they have been stellar all year.

I told y’all!

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