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Link Gumbo: Our defense is erasing Heisman like numbers from History

Saturday was an all timer

LSU v Ole Miss
year for the books so far
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Pete Jenkins is coming back and he ain’t gonna fix it.

We will get better, but Saturday was the lowest I have felt about an LSU defense since the 90’s. And this includes Bo, Peveto, Lou freaking Tepper, and very very bad Aranda games.

Before the season we discussed the true athletes we were missing all around. You start with a base of 39, you still need 2 recruiting cycles just to fill your roster. And there are certain spots that you can’t fill with bodies. The most egregious spot is the secondary for this team. It does not help that the transfer from OSU got hurt. It does not help that Greg Brooks is out. It does not help that Dwight McGlotheren left. But my word, we can’t even play base quarters or any type of zone because we are that bad on the back end. Which means we totally negate any advantage we have coming off the edge or off the line. Same goes for linebackers.

We are in a very bad spot defensively. While fielding a better offense than the one that feature Landry and Beckham. Think about that. Our offense is ELITE and can’t win scoring nearly 50.

It’s so bad that we know Ole Miss is gonna lose to UGA and post two SEC losses and I don’t think it matters at all. We need base competency on running base plays. Or are we Jekly and Hyde with the MS schools and our defense?

Lot more than 3 things!!

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