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Link Gumbo: Carrying Confidence

Go with what you got

This man had his Keilan Williams vs VT kinda moment last year
Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welp. The Mekhi Wingo news sucked, because he is an absolute difference maker who would have an opportunity to make a difference against one of Alabama’s perceived weaknesses (the O Line, which is insane to type 8 weeks into a season).

But the fun of this game, and the REAL FUN when we win them, is the timely plays of folks who may get a little less spotlight. DeAngelo Peterson on a reverse, Michael Ford on a bolt to the pylon, and he is a legend now, but CEH just RIPPING up every level of a star studded Bama defense is a highlight reel I will play twice a year for the rest of my life.

John Emery had that moment last year, one indelible moment that will be forever etched with positivity. We are gonna need some players to step up and deliver at a timely moment. Harold Perkins snuffed out Bryce last year, we expected him to shine, but it was Mason Taylor who will forever be intertwined with that victory.

I can’t wait to see some Tigers step up.

Keep that vibe Mekhi!!

I don’t know if this line has moved, but it looks like a push to me


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