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Link Gumbo: A Road Game in CoMo that now means a lot

Things went swell the last time we kicked off early at Mizzou

LSU v Ole Miss
On the Road Again
Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

First off, all the prayers and good vibes that can be generated be passed along to Greg Brooks. The medical update included words that no parent, sibling, or fan wants to hear. It also included one phrase that was a step in the positive direction with “successful surgery and no signs of growth”

Moving on to this weekend, I am all of a sudden very nervous about a road trip to Missouri. Not the “we don’t respect them and ESPN gave us the Jefferson Pilot Slot vibes” more along the “when did they get an all world receiver and top 25 ranking” kinda vibe. This is a different offense than we faced at Ole Miss, but the visuals from that game make me fear any offense. At least I am now prepared for a shoot out, but I am really praying for absolute chaos from our defense in a MSU like fashion.

It can only go up from here when it comes to the defense. But if we see zero improvement in forms of tackling, responsibilities, and cohesion, then we know what kind of season we are headed for. But I say that, and then fully see what our offense looks like. Astounding improvements from last year with top tier results. I know this staff can fix things, just give me a glimmer that it will happen within the season.

Prayers and Positivity:

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Help is on the way:

Everybody’s thought here is the same, just look like a top 60 defense, and things change: