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Link Gumbo: Run through a face over and over and over and over....

It is a phrase synonymous with Marshawn, but I am speaking to the defense

LSU v Ole Miss
Let’s hit back
Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The headline screams run the ball, but I really want us to run the jewels.

I want this game to be a smash and grab. Move the line of scrimmage into the QBs lap. Batten down the hatches in their run game and stuff them to oblivion. Bracket Luther Burden and make Wease beat you. And just pummel their QB, who will try to get rid of the ball quickly. Make him hesitate on a throw, then make him see ghosts.

And then just go full throttle on offense to make their team feel like they need to be perfect. Gimme 28 before half Offense. Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have a legitimate threat, but will we make him look like the only threat?

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Hilton and Anderson questionable for the game

Hilton, Speights questionable for LSU-Missouri | LSU |

Apparently more help is on the way with both sides of the ball:

Do us a favor A&M and throw some chaos into the division race:

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