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Link Gumbo: Jayden Daniels is a Golden God

I am offering my ribs to this man

He’s worth the ticket
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The man bruised his ribs. On a late hit. Had to leave the game.

And when he came back he chose to run in the most pivotal play of the game up to that point.

And he is now in Jacob Hester status level for me now. Just forever respect.

Not to mention his deep ball capabilities are a thing of beauty. As are his slot fade placements. And Sideline darts that allow his WRs to circle back in and fall forward.

This is Rohan Davey-3rd and Mettenberger-Herb Tyler running- levels of fun, and the dude is worth tuning into the game for. Which should put him in Heisman convos, and starting this week off, it has.

Hats off to you Jayden, heal up and ball out.

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