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How To Football: Week 11

Merry college football Saturday upon your house, here is a blessing of a guide to the day of football.

Tom Treebow, star quarterback of the University of the Peninsular State Just Below The State of Georgia Crocodiles?
WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

Liquid Stallions Shift

  • Michigan-Penn State: I don’t really know what to say about this, but I want to focus on the program you may not be thinking about: Penn State and James Franklin have to win this one. Have to. Losing this game will completely stall out the program. Penn State is a good program that wins a ton of games but for them to be considered a serious program they need to win a big game for once in their life.
  • Georgia Tech-Clemson: Odd week Georgia Tech...
  • Texas Tech-Kansas: At this point I’m assuming that Jalon Daniels is done done. but Jason Bean has proven to be well capable of leading the Jayhawks. Regardless, SP+ likes the Red Raiders to make it a game so it should be pretty entertaining.
  • Alabama-Kentucky: Alabama is going to win, for sure, but I just want to see what an actually good run defense against Alabama looks like, because lord knows we didn’t see it last week.

Orlando Area Network Shift

  • Tennessee-Mizzou: The Tigers equipped themselves well Georgia last week, but ultimately Georgia is Georgia and will head back to Atlanta. Now Mizzou’s playing for bowl prestige, and they can lock themselves into a potential NY6 bowl if they can knock off the Vols.
  • Oklahoma State-UCF: Do you like points?
  • Utah-Washington: I think this Utah team maybe isn’t the same team we’ve seen in the past, but they’re still a damn fine team that the Huskies needs to be careful with. Recall the Arizona game...
  • Pitt-Syracuse: It’s going to be a hot garbage game, but sometimes you just gotta like light a dumpster on fire and see what goes off.

Tabacker Road Shift

  • Florida-LSU: If Billy Napier beats Brian Kelly, Tigerdropping’s servers may actually melt.
  • Ole Miss-Georgia: lolno
  • Duke-North Carolina: Mike Elko’s done an incredible job at Duke and Mack Brown and the Tar Heels aren’t particularly known for their stability. Could be a heater of a game.
  • Cincinnati-Houston: Don’t lose this game Dana. Don’t do it. Don’t.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • USC-Oregon: Nothing snarky to say here, should be a grand ole ball game. USC may have ran off the Grink but that’s not going to fix their defense, and on the other side of the line Caleb Williams is going to get his. Boys have at it.
  • Iowa State-BYU: Should be a good game! A second good game in the late night window, thank you conference realignment.
  • Fresno State-San Jose State: This would be the traditional MWC G5 Shift Saver of the late night shift if it weren’t for the previous two games. Regardless, excellent depth game.
  • New Mexico-Boise State: It’s football: