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Link Gumbo: Rubber Match for All-time Series


LSU v Alabama
Bring it big fella
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Can’t be the first one to mention this but this series is tied 33-33-3. I mean what a number. And what a series. It’s hard to point out the years that Florida was bad bad, like not bowl eligible bad. And I believe they still hold the #1 spot for representing the east division in the SEC championship since we went to divisional play.

The weirdest aspect of this is not having some absolutely epic clash in the SEC championship game. All of my memories of this series take place at Tiger Stadium or the Swamp. And I guess the teams have been so good that we knocked the other one out of contention. And I like having a rival that delivers the juice, but I also have to acknowledge that it has cost us a few truly epic seasons. Hell, they did their best to derail our 2003 season. But I will never forgive them for 2006, that was one of the most talented LSU teams of my lifetime that simply had to go to the swamp against an equally talented UF team.

I think they will play closer to the vest with Daniels coming back from a concussion. Less running. Less called QB run plays. Which would normally be off set by Logan Diggs, but now that dude is out, and his greatest strength is reading the right hole. I am a little nervous about our offense bogging down a tad if JD misses early on some deep shots.

So hold onto your butts, forget the spread in this one, get ready for a clash and pray that JD stays healthy.

Still the best. And still a blast to witness.

LSU Brings Nation’s Most Explosive Offense Back to Tiger Stadium – LSU (

Not great Bob

I already like this person and I have no clue who they are:

But you can’t wait for Daniels to fall to the 2nd if he’s projected for the 1st:

How sweet it is