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And the Valley Ranks: All 18 Runs in LSU’s 18-4 Win Over Florida

The champs gets their rings today, so let’s honor them one more time

2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship

Our ace investigative team at And the Valley Shook has reported that LSU’s baseball team won the national championship this summer. Not only that, but they defeated the hated Florida Gators to do so; and not only T H A T, but LSU scored 18 runs in the championship-clinching game.

The baseball team will get their rings today inside the PMAC at 4:30, and while I’d love to be there I can’t since I don’t live in Red Stick anymore. But! I wanted to tip my cap to Jay Johnson, Dylan Crews, and my favorite LSU baseball team ever one last time the best way I know how: being incredibly petty toward Florida and ranking all 18 (not a typo!) runs scored that June night in Omaha.

16. LSU 10, Florida 2

Cade Beloso’s RBI single that scored Alex Milazzo, but unfortunately this was the play where Milazzo fractures his shin. This is an easy choice for last place.

15. LSU 13, Florida 3

Brayden Jobert grounds into a fielder’s choice to shortstop but Tommy White scores. Jobert will have a far more memorable moment soon.

14. LSU 14, Florida 3

Jordan Thompson sac fly to right scores Tre’ Morgan. Like Jobert, Thompson has a bigger moment at a different point in the game.

13. LSU 5, Florida 2

Tre’ Morgan hits a sacrifice fly that scores Cade Beloso and pads LSU’s lead. Surely Florida stops the bleeding and keeps it a three-run game!

12. LSU 11, Florida 2

A bases loaded walk by Hayden Travinski scores Morgan. Yawn.

11. LSU 15, Florida 4

The last time we ever saw Tommy White drive Dylan Crews home is next up on our list.

10. LSU 9, Florida 2

Josh Pearson’s two-run homer to right puts us into #BEATEMDOWN territory.

9. LSU 16, Florida 4

Tre’ Morgan’s final at-bat as a Tiger is an RBI double that scores Tommy White.

8. LSU 18, Florida 4

Brayden Jobert’s two-run blast to right are the final two runs LSU scores in their 2023 campaign. All told, LSU finishes the year with 634 runs scored, the most in the nation, and 144 home runs hit, which was second most in the nation.

7. LSU 6, Florida 2

The exclamation point on LSU’s 6-run second inning came courtesy of Gavin Dugas.

6. LSU 7, Florida 2

This was big for two reasons: not only did JT have another big moment at the plate, but it also made it a five-run game meaning Florida couldn’t tie the game even if they hit a grand slam.

5.LSU 12, Florida 3

This was in the top of the eighth when Tommy White scores Crews after Crews hits his triple. It looked like that triple would be Dylan Crews’s final at-bat as a Tiger—it wasn’t—but this gets extra points because this is when he does his ring celebration.

4. LSU 4, Florida 2

This bases loaded single by Tre’ Morgan kept the second inning momentum going.

3. LSU 2, Florida 2

Cade Beloso gets hit by his second pitch in as many at bats to tie the game.

2. LSU 3, Florida 2

LSU takes a lead it would never surrender in the decisive game thanks to a Dylan Crews bases loaded walk. LSU only needed one run to win the natty, but instead they settle for a 14-run victory.

1. LSU 1, Florida 2

Maybe a controversial choice, but I’m going with Jordan Thompson’s single to left that scores Dugas as my No. 1 choice. Thompson dealt with a lot of crap during Omaha but LSU fans chanting his name and JT delivering in that moment is something I’ll never forget.