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Link Gumbo: Hei5man Moment

Gear up for the last two games

Florida v LSU
The pose is just natural for him
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

I think the Alabama game caught everyone’s attention. It was a crucible, he ripped them up, and it eschewed in a realization that this dude can do this against anybody. I kept relating it to the Michael Vick vs FSU in the natty a couple of decades ago. Bama’s only defense in that game was to maim him, or he would break their ankles.

The stats had been there, but that game made everyone forget FSU and made everyone realize who he is doing this against. That is the benefit of having the Tide on the schedule (one of the few) is that you have the ultimate litmus test that garners immediate national respect. Joe Burrow is revered at a much higher level than Mac Jones because of the competition he played, hands down more difficult. The same for Jayden.

And the Florida game turned into his moment. Which I think is incredibly positive timing wise. Say all you want about the long run up the sideline, that was hot, nasty, bad ass speed. But amigo, that scamper for 50 through a zone defense cutting at full speed AND NOT HAVING A DEFENDER NEAR HIM FOR THE LAST 15 YARDS will go down with Cannon’s Halloween Run. That will be on reply for a few weeks until Conference Championship weekend.

LSU tracks the banter created on the socials and JD5 dominated the Heisman convo. Almost 3 times more than the next serious candidate (and Milroe is not a candidate in my mind, that dude got benched and doesn’t have the stats, great story on fighting on, but not a Heisman level year). But the OTHER topic of discussion that is becoming more prevalent this week is where Jayden goes in the 1st round and if he is QB3 or possibly better.

That is better than any Heisman. It is the ultimate recruiting tool for the ultimate position in the sport. I always argue that a 1st round QB draft spot is better than a Heisman trophy. A 1st overall pick is worth 4 times more than a Heisman in my opinion.

So enjoy the week, the timing of this GSU game will let us simmer in the Heisman talk for a few days.

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