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How To Football: Week 12

Welcome to SoCon Saturday

WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC

Welcome to SoCon Saturday Shift

  • Oklahoma-BYU: It’s football.
  • llvll-Miami (FL): llvll is, believe it or not, still very much alive in the playoff race. Likely to make it? No not really. But if they can win out, they really may have a very firm argument to be let in. But of course, that’s easier said than done and while they’ve been disappointing, the Hurricanes are a tough out.
  • Harvard-Yale: Harvard can stitch up the outright Ivy League title with a win here, which is rarer than you think in the Ivy. Could their famous rivals be a fly in the ointment?
  • SMU-Memphis: SP+ sayis that this will be a one score game, which we’ll take in the noon shift on SoCon Saturday.

West Coasting Shift

  • Georgia-Tennessee: I guess if you want to pretend that the Vols have a chance in this game you could watch this, though I believe that you will swiftly be disabused of that notion.
  • Oregon-Arizona State: The Ducks should win, but the Arizona schools have been getting a little frisky with it this year so they may need to take caution.
  • UCLA-USC: Talk about a game that has lost a ton of steam after both schools made splash hires. I have no read on this game because it really feels like both sides have given up. We’ll see!
  • North Carolina-Clemson: The only flaw with this game is that it’s not on the CW.

Nightflower Shift

  • Georgia State-LSU: Show me 48-28 LSU.
  • Washington-Oregon State: A game that College Gameday could have, maybe should have and would have gone to were it no for all the...complicitness with the four-letter network and the conference realignment that has left Oregon State on the outside looking in. Oh by the way, this game is a tossup per SP+.
  • Kansas-Kansas State: Both teams are playing really good football right now and it should be a great rivalry game.
  • Texas-Iowa State: This couldn’t be a more blatant trap game if Wile E. Coyote put up a brick wall in the Texas tunnel and painted it to look like the outside. Longhorns by 12.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • San Diego State-San Jose State: It’s football.
  • New Mexico-Fresno: I almost didn’t even bother putting this on the list, but it is in fact football.