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How To Football: Week 13

Rivalry Week and the last full weekend of college football.

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Turkey Nap Shift

  • Iowa-Nebraska: Here it is, THEE game of the year. The under currently sits at an incredible 27.5. While I feel like that line is in fact a trap, I would like nothing more than to bask in the awe that the Iowa football team has truly broken Vegas and brought them down to their knees.
  • TCU-Oklahoma: The Horned Frogs have had a hangover year for sure, but they have a pretty good chance to get one more over on the Sooners one last time before they depart for greener pastures.
  • Miami-Boston College: It’s football.
  • Memphis-Temple: Boy that sure is football.

Wave Runner Shift

  • UTSA-Tulane: A defacto AAC playoff game that will help to break a three-way tie for the catbird seat between the undefeated teams in the AAC.
  • Missouri-Arkansas: Christmas movie enthusiast Sam Pittman will be retained following this year so the result of this game is immaterial, but it has a history of being a fun one.
  • Air Force-Boise State: Should be a pretty good game. Maybe it lacks the blockbuster appeal you’re looking for on Thanksgiving weekend, but check it out anyway.
  • Utah State-New Mexico: It’s football

Leftovers Shift

  • Texas Tech-Texas: All. Texas. Has. To. Do. Is. Not. Trip. Up.
  • Oregon State-Oregon: Is this a safe space to be petty? If the Beavers play like they did last week, then Jayden Daniels has a very good shot to stitch up the Heisman trophy this weekend. They may have lost, but they are a feisty bunch capable of giving the Ducks the what for.
  • Penn State-Michigan State: no.

Saturday Afternoon In Death Valley Shift

  • Texas A&M-LSU: Finish it, Jayden. Sweep the leg.
  • Ohio State=Michigan: Harbz or not, the Wolverines are just built in a way that the Buckeyes are not and will end getting processed. But we got to see it through.
  • Kentucky-llvll: The Cardinals have an outside (read: very outside) shot at not only the ACC Championship but also the whole damn playoff, and if they win out it would be hard to keep them out. But I’m sure that their in-state rivals would love to crash that party.
  • Houston-UCF: It hasn’t been the year the Big 12 newcomers wanted, but this game represents a chance for either to go out on top.

Territorial Turkey Shift

  • Arizona State-Arizona: No joke, both teams have wildy improved to the point where this may be a really good football game. The Wildcats are heavily favored but I think the Sun Devils may have something for them.
  • Georgia Southern-App State: You’ve probably heard about this rivalry by now, and it has all the heat you think it may. Nobody ever knows what App State team is going to show up in a given week, so it’s always fun to tune into to them.
  • Washington-Washington State: I want to believe. I want to. But I’m not there yet.
  • BYU-Oklahoma State; The Cowboys are another one of those teams you can really never be sure of which one shows up in a given week. This could be a shootout, a 10-point Cowboys win or an absolute BYU ass-kicking.

Seminal Saturday Night Shift

  • Clemson-South Carolina: Did Tyler from Spartanburg save Clemson’s season or are the Gamecocks going to get two over on Dabo on the trot? Should be fun to find out.
  • Kansas-Cincinnati: Well, let’s all see Lance Leipold off to his next stop. It’s not a terribly far drive from Cincy to East Lansing I suppose.
  • North Carolina-NC State: I can’t wait to see how the Wolfpack fumble the bag this year, as they are want to do.
  • Iowa State-Kansas State: it’s football

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • Cal-UCLA: It’s
  • Fresno State-San Diego State: football
  • Colorado State-Hawaii: Aloha means hello and goodbye. Aloha college football.