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Link Gumbo: The betting favorite

There is a difference between Vegas and Voters

Florida v LSU
Who has two thumbs and great Heisman odds..??? THIS GUY
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

I took my two boys to their first LSU game this Saturday. And I don’t think there is a better place in the country than the Abita Suite on a Saturday night in Death Valley. We witnessed history, and I am lucky enough to have witnessed Jayden doing that in person and Burrow dropping 8 in the CFP Semifinal against OU.

Folks, it was the first time in a very long time against a smaller school that we absolutely looked like an NFL team playing a HS team on offense. It was like watching a video game. And this shows my age, but in Tecmo Super Bowl you could play an entire season and keep stats, so I would intentionally take the ball at the 1 yd line every game to pad my season stats because I could get what I wanted with the 49ers offense in that game, because I had Jerry Rice and John Taylor. And my goodness, we have the same thing with Nabers and BTJ. And Lacy has found his spot at the 3, he has made huge leaps in his route running and hands since the start of the season. I think we forced the ball a few times to Aaron Anderson to re-recruit him and keep him in the fold for next season to take on the Brian Thomas role. They didn’t connect, but they gave him targets, and it didn’t cost us.

Our defense looked out of position all night. When you are watching from the end zone it is easy to scream why do we have 3 covering a 4 bunch set? With the safety shading to the single coverage on the field side??? What was our alignment? And the D Line looks like it is trying not to get hurt, and I understand why, we have no depth. We can’t rush all out because we will gas ourselves, and therefore we get gashed on basic plays.

But I am not going to let that drown out a masterful performance from a player at his peak calling his shot and making it look like Mike Vick on beginner mode. It is wayyyyy too fun to watch this man operate.

In terms of Heisman votes, gas up the Jet, he’s headed to NYC. If the Ducks and Huskies play a close game I think it splits the votes from the west. If Oregon wins big and Nix has a day then it will probably be his. My main fear is Gary Daniels filling three hours over the next two saturdays trying to make Milroe the great hope for the SEC, and splitting some of Daniels votes that he needs from this region. That is a reality for sure, as I have seen this movie before.

It is narrowing down with Harrison getting an invite as a lifetime achievement award

This is great to hear along with Weeks returning to the line up as well

Brian Thomas developing has been the hidden story of the season for this offense

I will yell from the mountain tops there is no better state that produces high end WR talent