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Link Gumbo: The Aggies are a Tough Match Up

It’s a money game for the team as well as certain players

LSU v Missouri
The O Line is gonna define this game
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

There are a few things I can’t get over. How on earth is the the 11 am kick off and even more so how is this the game in the same slot as the BIG GAME (which is truthfully the game of the year and it hurts to say that?). Also, I can’t get over how easy things looked against GSU on offense. The offense looked like it could score whenever they wanted. If you gave that offense a specific time on the clock to get the ball into the end zone it would have done that. It was spectacular.

But the best way to get over things is massive servings of food. Thanksgiving is a fat man’s holiday and I am a fat man. Gonna try Boudin egg rolls from Hebert’s for the first time and I am prepared for the addiction to commence.

The offense will need to be able to call it’s shot again this week, with the game of keep away in mind. Diggs returning is a huge deal in terms of ball control, we will need to keep it away from the Aggies because truthfully they are not a good match up for us.

Jayden will need to be heroic to keep his lead in the Heisman polls. Good thing we have two Bilitnekoff finalists to help him out as well! To go along with a large helping of Moore Award O Lineman! The pieces of this offense that help off set each other has been a joy to witness.

This offense is the gravy train on biscuit wheels.

This is a money game

I get more fired up about Malik for Biletnikoff arguments than Jayden Heisman arguments

May this man need a seat cushion on Saturday

This is absolutely fabulous