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Link Gumbo: “Find me 881 more yards”-Bo Nix to the Heisman Election Committee

JD is in rare air

Texas A&M v LSU
It is a natural fit
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Bo Jackson

Marcus Allen

Tim Tebow

Johnny Football

Lamar Jackson

Robert Griffin III

Caleb Williams

All time greats. Synonymous with the Heisman. Considered some of the best athletes to ever win the award. But what else do these Heisman winners have in common?

Their teams had 3 losses or more the season they won the award.

It comes down to Bo this weekend. If they pull away and he accounts for 4 or more than that narrative is hard to beat. Even if we all know if Oregon played Bama and FSU his stats would skew differently.

I’m so relieved Danielsdidn’t get hurt. I am very happy they won the game because it changes the perspective on the season. The candidates we have for certain awards all made the best case they could in their last game of the season before the votes are counted. Now heal up. Rest up. Recruit your teammates to stay. Text your friends on teams in turmoil. And beef that roster and coaching staff up!

These are all time names

It truly is an all time season, and LSU needs to get that propaganda rolling

Speaking of incredible stats

I put this up there to remind us of what Burrow did AFTER he won the award LOL

He went from meh to Stumper in about a week