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Link Gumbo: No Links, just some mental Gumbo for thought

We have the best player on both sides

Alabama v LSU
We have a killer at QB
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

This game has meaning. This game is the biggest game of the week and one of the more important games of the year.

I loved it when Justin Jefferson planted some locker room billboard material before the 2019 game, “we are coming for their heads”, and just went on following through with it.

This team has been a little more quiet, but not less confident. You can hear it in their respect leading into the battle.

BK got the monkey off his back of not being able to beat Bama last year. That narrative is dead. Holding Bama to 6 rushing yards in 2021 was a precursor, beating them straight up was a warning sign. Winning back to back is a shot across the bow.

I can’t wait to see players step up. I can’t wait to scream at the TV. I am going to revel in watching our team play in the biggest game of the year thus far.

Geaux Tigahs