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How To Football: Week 10

The season is starting to get to the meat of it.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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Tyler From Spartanburg Shift

  • Kansas State-Texas: Gut check time for the Longhorns, who are going to have to win a tough scrabble game against the Wildcats to stay alive in the playoff hunt.
  • Texas A&M-Ole Miss: SP+ says this is only a 3-point game, but I don’t see that at all. Conversely, this is a game that Ole Miss loves to drop.
  • Arkansas-Florida: Arkansas is staring down the barrel of an unwinfeated SEC season, and this is their best chance to dodge the bullet. Conversely, this may be the last chance for Florida to secure a win to get to bowl eligibility given who is next on the schedule.
  • Notre Dame-Clemson: Dabo cut a damn promo on Tyler From Spartanburg Monday, but I don’t think it’s going to help him much when Notre Dame comes back into town.

Bedlam Shift

  • Missouri-Georgia: This is, believe it or not, the SEC East play-in game.
  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State: Say it one more time for the road: anything can happen in Bedlam, Oklahoma can win by a little or Oklahoma can win by a lot.
  • James Madison-Georgia State: A legit G5 heater that sees the BLACKLISTED FOR BEING TOO GOOD James Madison Dukes take on the resurgent Georgia State Panthers who are out for blood after dropping their rivalry game against Georgia Southern.
  • Penn State-Maryland: Don’t trip up, Penn State. Don’t do it.

In A Big 12 Country Shift

  • LSU-Bama: No. But if you’re going to be in Tuscaloosa, be sure to come to Druid City Brewing, where we’re going to be cooking jambalaya. Preview over.
  • Washington-USC: Don’t think the Trojans have a chance in this one because their defense is not built to code for Michael Penix while the Huskies have a very worthwhile defense that I think can definitely slow down Caleb Williams, who has shown a tendency to shrink when he plays a defense with a pulse.
  • Kansas-Iowa State: Kansas isn’t favored here, which is very attractive if you have a few bucks to put down...
  • BYU-West Virginia: Ah yes, a conference game that totally makes sense: a school from Provo, Utah going to Morgantown, West Virginia to decide who will finish in the bottom half of the conference.

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • UCLA-Arizona: Arizona has shown pretty encouraging signs that they’re climbing out of the mudhole, playing USC and Washington close before beating Washington State and Oregon State over the past two weeks. Jedd Fisch could pull this team to a bowl game, which is saying a lot.
  • Boise State-Fresno State: This game will be playing the role of late night MWC heater.
  • Oregon State-Colorado: Nothing notable to say this game at all.