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Link Gumbo: JD Shines, defense does not

We had the best player on the field, and we also had the worst defense on the field

LSU v Alabama
He may be as fast as Lamar Jackson
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In the build up to these games I try to remind myself of what I would like to see, what I think we can exploit, and the type of beer I need to drink when the roller coaster starts hitting the big loops.

We deferred. Stopped them. Then drove right down the field and made a ball over the top look too easy. And I thought, if the defense just gets 3 more stops like that we are gonna step on their neck. But then 3rd downs started happening...

I had zero doubt we would move the ball. Mainly because our O Line was the best unit on the field for both teams. I am now thoroughly convinced JD is as fast as Lamar with the same cutting abilities. It is a blast watching him choose the right moments to take off and just TERRIFY opposing defenses and their fans. He is the best player in America and he won’t get invited to New York. But with that take, who really cares about that? The dude came back and upgraded his draft status and will fall into a round that allows him to go to a good team and develop. Because his passing game and decision making is there as well. He threw about 3 inaccurate passes all game and came up aces on deep shots and middle reads, which are usually a bog when playing Bama.

He won’t go to New York because our 100th ranked defense played like a 100th ranked defense. We were basically playing the college Bama version of Jalen Hurts, and our game plan looked like we were scheming for the after Oklahoma improvements Eagles version of Hurts.

We played Milroe to prevent any and all deep shots over the top. He consistently missed those throws anyway, and we were in perfect coverage on most (with a second player in position as well and within sniffing distance of interceptions). And LSU is the only team on Bamas schedule who has a better athlete on defense than Jalen Milroe who is built to snuff out his runs. One instance showed what should have happened all game, it ended up a with a horse collar call on Perkins, but the message was clear, Milroe could not get the edge or open field if Perk had his assignment right. But we couldn’t assign that, because Wingo wasn’t there, and Speights had his worst game of the year, and we couldn’t move a body in the box because we were so worried about our back end who was holding up. Make Burton beat us, don’t try to convince america Milroe can beat you with his arm, because he can’t, his weapon is his running.

So the offense had to play perfect, and it nearly did. We blinked on an interception, lost the possession battle at that point, and then watched a dirty play knock the best player in the game off the field. It was targeting. But worse, it was clearly intent to drive him into the ground. Dude does that all the time. Wrapped his arms around him to hold his arms together and put his entire weight on the top end of his body. Then rolled over to look around for flags lol.

But the game was in peril prior to that. From 3rd down conversions, and Time of possession, and one team getting the stop they desperately needed.

I still think Daniels is the best player in America, I think he shined, it was awesome to watch him break ankles, and I hope he recovers soon. Let’s not turn one setback into two.

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