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Brunch with Brian: Florida

Let’s just look ahead to Florida

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kelly had his weekly presser with the Baton Rouge media and closed the book on LSU’s 42-28 defeat at the hands of Alabama and looked ahead to Florida.

The only thing that anyone who has even the slightest interest in LSU football is the status of Jayden Daniels. On Monday Kelly said Daniels was day-to-day, but it was reported Tuesday that he didn’t practice.

“I would consider him day-to-day, he’s going through the injury protocol and he’s made improvements,” Kelly said Monday. “But this is a process that we’ll just have to see how it plays out from day-to-day but I can tell you he’s made some progress.”

Kelly also said that LSU submitted Dallas Turner’s hit on Daniels to the SEC league office.

“Look, we want to protect the quarterback and certainly there was a penalty after the play,” Kelly said. “There was plenty of time to look at it. They must’ve felt that there wasn’t targeting. We sent it into the league office because we felt like it checked all the boxes. Again, we want to protect the quarterback here.”

Kelly was asked about the plan to defend Jalen Milroe’s rushing and he said what everyone else watching Saturday’s game out loud.

“Could we have spied the quarterback? Absolutely. There were third down situations that we felt like we wanted to be in more coverage and we felt like our unit pass rush could keep him in the pocket, and that did not prove to be the case.”

Well...I suppose it’s good he’s owning the mistake? Kelly was also asked about potentially reevaluating his defensive coaching staff but he wouldn’t take the bait.

“We’re going to save those questions, and I respect the question, but our focus is on Florida right now and stopping their inside zone game,” Kelly said. “I respect the question, and certainly there is going to be a time for those questions, but my mind is wrapped around getting another win, playing at a high level and beating Florida.”