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Link Gumbo: JD is going through Protocols, LSU signs #1 overall player in the country

We just want to see the man when he is ready

LSU v Alabama
Take your time with bright lights big guy
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We know we have the best player in the country. And we have a lot to play for still in terms of bowl positioning. But I mainly think most fans have turned their full efforts into stanning for Jayden to stay in Heisman contention.

Saturday proved he is still the best player in America, and with only a few games left he can keep his chances alive. Tebow did it with 4 losses. Lamar did it with 3. Johnny Football did it with 3. JD can as well. But I want to ensure the dude is completely fine. This is not worth it if symptoms don’t wane. Apparently he is still in protocol but has progressed enough to get to the practice side of testing. We will see. But we need to be ready for Nuss.

We have the #1 hardest SOS and still have the #1 offense in the country. And Malik should be a finalist for the Biletnikoff, and the O Line for the Joe Moore. Plus the intrigue of the back end and seeing if they develop, which may give room for overall defensive improvement.

Florida should not be taken lightly. I see this game being close going into the 4th. But that all depends on the availability of JD5.

And on a positive note we signed quite possibly the greatest HS class in college baseball recruiting history.

Just keep balling amigo:

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Him and Nola are the best college pitchers I have ever witnessed in person

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For those who are wondering

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I feel like this is building and ebbing towards this projection

I can’t stop watching this play. That person is a starter at a premier college program

Baseball is absolutely stacking prospects