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Jayden Daniels Opting Out of Bowl Game

5 Out, All Aboard the Nuss Bus

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Jayden Daniels announced on Twitter he’s planning on skipping LSU’s Reliaquest Bowl matchup against Wisconsin (January 1, 11:00 A.M. CT, ESPN2) as he prepares for the 2024 NFL Draft.

It makes sense for the Heisman winner to pass up the bowl game. Daniels is a top-10 projected pick in this upcoming draft. He has nothing to gain and tens of millions of dollars to lose if he were to get injured in a pretty meaningless game.

With Daniels opting out that means its Garrett Nussmeier: QB1 time. Nuss has appeared in six games this season and has completed 17 of 33 passes for 196 yards and thrown one touchdown pass versus no interceptions.