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Armoni Goodwin and Laterrance Welch to the Transfer Portal

The portal officially opens Monday

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

With the regular season at an end, the next phase of the college football calendar begins Monday: the opening of the transfer portal and two Tigers have announced their intentions to enter it.

Redshirt sophomore running back Armoni Goodwin was the first LSU player to declare he was entering the transfer portal; sophomore corner Laterrance Welch followed suit a few days later.

Goodwin was a top-10 running back coming out of high school and a player that I thought had some serious potential, but injuries derailed Goodwin’s first two seasons in Baton Rouge. An ankle sprain limited Goodwin to just six games in 2021, and knee surgery cut short his 2022 season. Goodwin started three games last season but hasn’t played at all in 2023.

Goodwin entering the portal isn’t too terribly surprising considering the logjam at running back. LSU has eight scholarship running backs, but that will change very quickly. Noah Cain and John Emery are both out of eligibility, and Logan Diggs has an NFL Draft decision to make. Josh Williams could come back if he wanted to, but if he doesn’t and Diggs turns pro LSU would head into 2024 with Kaleb Jackson, Trey Holly, and incoming freshman Caden Durham.

Welch wasn’t exactly the second coming of Patrick Peterson, but considering the state of LSU’s defensive back room, I don’t know if we should hand-wave his potential departure (remember these guys can take their name out of the portal if they want to).

Welch came to LSU as a four-star prospect in the 2021 class but was recovering from a torn ACL. Welch appeared in 22 games over the past two seasons mainly as a special teams player. The most action we saw from Welch in the secondary was this season’s disastrous Ole Miss game.