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Link Gumbo: Bowl Prep and Personnel Movement

Time is a River and a river never stays the same

LSU v Mississippi State
What an Odyssey
Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

I am now confident Jayden goes in the Top 10 because enough teams are going to comp him to Lamar Jackson and one will be desperate enough to trade into the Top 10 to secure the best mix of Mike Vick and Lamar that we have seen. Imagine if that team had a turf field? Or played in a dome? I can only dream.

And now that he has declared his draft prep intentions, it allows us to place a focus on the future. I am a massive believer in bowl practice and reps. And Nussmeir could not have a better situation to fall into personnel wise with who is playing. But I still foresee some stalling on the offense because of new playcallers and just getting acclimated to game flow. And we will really be brought back to reality of not averaging a first down every time our QB touches the ball. Which is STILL the most insane stat I think my eyes will ever see.

How serendipitous was the recruitment and development of Daniels? He masked a ton of scars, made a fan base truly believe they were gonna beat Bama because we had him and they didn’t, and set a ton of records while grabbing a Heisman. But this wasn’t luck, he made massive improvements because of the elite level of O line building, WR development, and an OC that could DEALwith the cards he had.

I am not going to jump on the bandwagon that says losing Denbrock was a good thing, that dude dealt, he had incredible game flow, and he knew when to take shots. That was the most efficient and clean offense we will see for a while. But it won’t be the only elite offense we will see nor the only one to produce High End QB talent. Once you start having Generational QBs every 5 years, you start to realize you might have a pretty good opportunity to see another. Excellent line play with elite receivers and TEs surrounding you balanced out by high end running backs always seem to help deliver elite QB production.

I’m not going to put much equity into Nuss’ bowl game performance. I am happy for the reps he is getting and can’t wait to see what he does with this receiver set. They will give him windows to cook. This feels like an interview for Sloan for the OC, and that is fine. Get the most out of your practices and stay healthy.

Well Look at that. And folks say our DB production is slipping in the NFL

It’s the production in line with the amount of players representing as well. And we can get dismissive because we can say that we don’t have anybody like that on the roster right now, but that isn’t due to lack of trying. Duce and Denver looked like sure locks when we got them out of the portal. Our last mega DB recruit (Eli Ricks) left when Coach O left (and got the greatest karma since Saivion Smith). So we attacked it as well as we could, and ideally have some options going into the spring while keeping our options open

Seems about right

This is rarely a positive sign

I read this as getting tape showing he has healed properly for the draft