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Link Gumbo: Bowl Games are becoming Pre Season Games

We have 93 bodies and 85 spots

Welcome back Mekhi
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I read an excellent article that gives real time status of players we have on the roster, players in the portal, and players we have coming in. Link is posted below, but right now we are sitting on more than we can chew. But we expect attrition through the draft as well as more in the portal.

And reading it made me smile because we are getting back to where we need to be body wise.

Bowl games are becoming similar to the final pre season NFL games in terms of roster movement and giving tape to players you know are on their way out.

A lot of folks on twitter base their entire vantage point on this program mired in the belief that BK owes us a natty contention every year on the dot and if he isn’t doing that he has been a failure. They also want you to join in on the hot stove like beliefs that we are the Dodgers and should sign every massive name in the portal to show we are a power program, even if the program may think it has the bodies it wants at certain positions. “Just add someone who you think makes you better, regardless of roster needs!”

Watching A&M play in the Texas Bowl (which should absolutely from henceforth be called the roster casualty game) it brought on a wave of harsh reminders and watch outs. When your new hire coach is getting interviewed at halftime of this game, it means you are missing AT LEAST 30 players from your roster. A&M sits in the same predicament LSU did just two years ago, and has to decide if it will build a program or barter for a new team year in and year out.

LSU decided to go with a program builder. With an excellent track record of leaving programs in a much better spot when he left than when he arrived. Who said he would use the portal until he filled his roster with freshman. And went out and did just that. LSU was not UGA getting mad with Richt for being just one ounce below elite and bringing on Kirby to add that extra juice. LSU was in a pretty bad spot, its lowest in 20 years. LSU was in the position of a house that was built decades ago by a wonderful architect showing signs of falling apart. Support beams were failing, which requires an engineer, not just a contractor. And when you call an engineer you know it is going to take some time for them to fix it.

And the other candidates available to hire when we needed a re model aren’t doing too great. Does anyone really want Napier or Riley right now?

Finally, where we truly differ from A&M is they want someone to take them to the highest level. Their program has not proven it can do that. Ours has. We just want someone to help set us up doing that consistently. While navigating NIL, the Portal, and Conference realignment. And getting us out of a horrific quagmire of roster management. The job isn’t complete but a major checkpoint has been reached.

The results of this bowl game may change my opinion on some players, but not the overall status of the program. It passed a health check point, but still has a couple more performance levels to instill in order to get to elite status.

Breakdown of everything roster wise going into the bowl and 2nd portal window

LSU Transfer Portal Tracker after Duce Chestnut enters (

Yes, yes it is

This Is Now Garrett Nussmeier’s Football Team (AUDIO) (

Now get our defensive line to this status level and we are cooking

LSU’s o-line built for long term success fueled by Brad Davis’ recruiting, development (

There are plenty of programs that need to follow this modus operandi

If you are not sitting on fertile recruiting ground with an inherent advantage over those resources then you probably need to take a year by year approach. This absolutely works well when an all timer of a class all decide to leave a school close in proximity en masse. I am really interested in Ole Miss next year because they will have a loaded roster with a manageable schedule and their best shot in years to be a player on the scene and I still have doubts they will dethrone Bama or UGA.

And I strongly believe LSU is sitting on fertile recruiting ground with an inherent advantage over it’s resources. I don’t think we need to build year by year, because I have seen our operation model and I think it has proven durable over the long haul.