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Link Gumbo: Find a TV on Saturday Night

I like that Kid’s odds

Texas A&M v LSU
Looks about right
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

It’s officially official. There are four invites. And That Kid is one of them.

Saturday the 9th at 7pm CST.

I am glad to see Milroe staying home. If he was involved, it meant he pulled votes from the south.

My only explanation for Harrison is a legacy invitation as well as being the only candidate the Mid West galvanized around. Remember, this is pod voting, top three tabulations with regions being split out, then rolled up. It is not the Electoral system, but region bias is massive in this thing. And where that really comes to play in Jayden’s favor is the split vote out of the west for Bo and Penix.

The south will vote for Jayden. The west has their candidates. The Mid West looks like it forced one of their guys in purely based on NFL prospectus. Who knows what the east is thinking. So I believe this will be pretty close results wise. But I also think Jayden will win it with the most 1st place votes cast in his direction.

We are gonna be happy, we are gonna see the highlights, then we are gonna get a little red remembering what the defense did with this offense. But this isn’t the first time that has happened, I present you the Mett/Hill/Landry/Beckham files.

But then we will get happy again, reminding ourselves of the void the QB position used to be, and now we are producing Heisman level first round talents every class or so.

Penix would be my #2

Load up that private jet with gas and empty bags to carry some hardware home!

He should have gone in stead of Harrison

Well this progressed nicely!