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Link Gumbo: Jefferson wins OPOY, Burrow wins Air, and Kelly stays Married

It was a night of Continuity

12th Annual NFL Honors
This man is an ICON
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

I think the NFL got it right with the Honors Format. Make it a show, hype up your stars leading into the Super Bowl, and perfect appetizer leading into the buffet of football that is Super Bowl weekend.

And add more feathers to the 10 gallon cap that is 2019 LSU football. You had 2 MVP candidates playing on the same team at the same time. Neither of them win the MVP, but they have to make room on their mantle for Offensive Player of the Year and Air Player of the Year with Jefferson and Burrow. And also make sure you annotate that they beat another MVP Candidate in the CFP Semifinal with Jalen Hurts and Oklahoma.

Apparently our Head Coach was divorced for about 32 minutes last night. Then everyone in his immediate family rebuked the claim. And then we were sent a photo of the love birds at dinner. And I am 100% positive it was a bowl of Queso that fixed all their problems.

Love over Hate. Queso over everything else.

It Feels like we saw Jerry Rice and Randy Moss on the same College team

Jefferson Wins NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award – LSU (

Burrow won as well

Bengals QB Burrow wins FedEx Air Player of the Year honor | WKRC (

This social media platform can deliver the laughs in spades sometimes

LSU coach Brian Kelly files for divorce in Baton Rouge court from his wife of 28 years; also seeks restraining order against her to protect assets | Tiger Rag