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Link Gumbo: Clyde gets a Ring. Jalen Hurts, OU QB, does not

The streak continues. 22 straight Super Bowls

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
Clyde the Glide
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

What a game. It ended on a little bit of a whimper with a ticky tack call that allowed the Chiefs to run out the clock. But the Eagles did not lose because of that call. They lost because they could not stop the Chiefs ground game. They gifted 6 points to KC with a Hurts Fumble. And did Brian Polian take the reigns for the Eagles? That punt return could not have come at a worse time for the Iggles. The Chiefs O Line negated the Eagles vaunted pass rush and pushed them back in crunch time. They snatched it at the end, but they earned it.

And Jalen Hurts put on a show. It took talk radio from this morning reminding me he had a fumble, that is how well he played. Oklahoma should be proud, they had a former QB play at an MVP level against the league MVP and had fans believing if he got the ball last he would have delivered. When you give a QB top end receivers like Brown and Smith, you see them make top end plays together.

And even into the night I still had neighbors arguing about which college should claim Hurts. In my mind, it is pretty straightforward. Let the fans of each institution enjoy him. Bama fans wanted him benched, then he saved their ass in the SEC champ. If he would have stayed at Bama, he would not have been drafted, so he left. And left the best defensive mind in the game to go to the best offensive mind in the game. And got drafted. Out of Oklahoma. And here is the hard stance, as an institution and program, he is a player drafted out of Oklahoma. Bama football’s twitter should not be taking credit as if they have a QB in the Super Bowl. It’s really cut and dry. He can still be a Bama legend with the fans, but he is an OU QB on paper. Eli Ricks is gonna get drafted, and he will get drafted because of his LSU tape, not his Bama tape. And LSU isn’t going to claim him. Ohio State Football did not post they have a QB in the Super Bowl with Burrow. Fans did, but the school did not. Again, it is pretty cut and dry.

But back to the game, what a showdown. And with CEH being on the roster, the streak continues. And it is the first time in a while that the LSU player didn’t play a major role in the game/get on the field. How spoiled are we??

15 SEC players got a ring last night

Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVII over the Philadelphia Eagles (

This is what I’m referencing

Again, let the fans love him. Fans can claim him and shower him with adoration. But this is childish as a program. Transfers happen all the time. His draft profile says OU.

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