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Link Gumbo: LSU has new name on the court, Omaha hotel rates hovering around $300 for mid June

If it isn’t a Board Scandal, it isn’t LSU

A Naismith Hall of Famer no less
Photo by Linda D. Epstein/MCT/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The board made it official and will add Sue Gunter’s name to the court alongside Dale Brown. And I am here to stan for both of them. There are only 3 schools in the SEC that have more Men’s final four appearances than LSU. Kentucky, Arkansas, and Florida. And when one coach is responsible for Half of your schools appearances and up levels the program as a whole, you don’t rate him on a scale against other program accomplishments, you rate what he did for your school. That is the case for Dale Brown. Football was up and down, and he took advantage of the window and made basketball nationally prominent for an extended period of time.

And in terms of Women’s Basketball, we forget that we are in BY FAR the hardest conference to build a national contender. Only 8 times in the history of WBB has there been a final four WITHOUT and SEC team in it. And Tennessee takes up more than half of that representation. So for Sue Gunter to come in during the prime Pat Summit days and build up our program to eventually go on the run that it did speaks volumes. And I would say LSUs’ own internal bureaucracy was a tougher gamut than the SEC for her to navigate. She earned it.

Baseball starts this week. We look like Zod. I can not wait to pummel UT in a couple of weeks. I always take it as a good sign when the Omaha paper features your program. Outside of Louisiana, No town loves the Tigahs more than Omaha.

Finally, it is combine season. And I love it when scouts are getting tape and seeing LSU players pop off. Golic was watching Bryce tape and ended up seeing the best player on the field was on defense.

It’s official

LSU Board of Supervisors approves change to Dale Brown/Sue Gunter Court (

This is the take I trust the most on this

Speaking of Dale and the talents he brought to Baton Rouge

Omaha paper manifesting what they want to see

Johnson proved himself in West, now is out to be SEC’s best (

Can your heart be broken when your heart is no longer in it?

Tigers Come Up Just Short Against Georgia, Fall On The Road, 65-63 – LSU (

Came to see Bryce, ended up seeing the best player on the field