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Link Gumbo: LSU Baseball all out of gum, UT needs to crawl before they Vawwwwwl

This Photo isn’t new. But neither is the concept of LSU overwhelming an opponent on the diamond

Syndication: The Tennessean
apparently, sourcing current LSU baseball photos from stock is gonna be harder than I thought

And here we are. Baseball has officially kicked off and they were who we thought they were. I can’t expect zero errors every weekend, but it was nice to see. We can’t expect pitching dominance every weekend, but it was a nice glimpse into possibilities. We CAN expect stick warfare at the plate, and the battle was won.

And with this tiny little window, I will take the opportunity to pile on Vitello. The Grand Canyon is huge, breathtaking, and quick to serve up a humble sandwich. They had their Little Big Horn, let’s see if they recover.

WBB got right back on track, now it is a matter of staying healthy and staying on the other side of the bracket from USC.

Perfect start to the season

LSU Blasts Three Home Runs to Clinch Series Sweep Against Western Michigan – LSU (

Our baseball team is looking like a Canyonero

them Vawwwwwls look a little shook

Dominance is turning into a theme this Spring

Carson and Reese Lead LSU To 90-79 Win At Florida – LSU (

and even carries into the Pool!

LSU Women Earn Highest SEC Finish Since 2014-15; Eight Gold Medals Sets Program Record – LSU (