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Link Gumbo-Bama dropping out of Benefit of the Doubt Club, LSU Women have two of the best players in the Nation

The propaganda machine is eating itself

LSU v Auburn
Silence the subterfuge
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Angel Reese is one of the best players in the country. She may be the best player in the country. She is definitely in the same pantheon as Aliyah Boston and I would take her over Caitlin Clark every day. And then compliment Reese with Morris??? We are back to the glory days of LSU WBB, which is saying a lot because this is a program that made 4 straight final four appearances during the absolute glory days of UConn and Tennessee Lady Vols dynasty periods. Mulkey has created a rocket ship.

Moving to football, now that the transfer window has closed and NSD has passed, we enter the way too early conference/natty prediction cycle. This falls before Spring Ball really starting up and the second transfer (and REAL transfer portal) opening and closing.

And lo and behold, some folks are actually doing some math and realizing they can’t come up with reasons to move LSU down a peg in terms of defending the west next year. Maybe it’s returning production? Maybe it’s coaching staff capabilities? Maybe it’s because LSU will have players in the top 4 of every skill position and personnel grouping in the conference next year? (sans DBs)

And for the first time in about 8 years I have to drop Bama out of my benefit of the doubt club. Nothing has changed in terms of my respect for Saban and his capabilities. His recent coordinator hires don’t really move the needle here. It is basic fact that they simply are not returning veteran talent in many key spots, and the transfer window PURGED a ton of talent. They are bringing in a whopper of a class, but that has to off set what they lost to the NFL and portal, and for the first time they are in a true deficit. Spring Ball and the second transfer window can change this credit rating, but I doubt it.

Suffice to say, get used to more predictions of LSU winning the west this year. I love seeing it.

Easiest way to get me to follow you on twitter is making statements like this:

Even Bama Mathematician Bill Connelly is perplexed by his figures:


I focused on Double Doubles and DIDN’T REALIZE SHE HAS 43 STEALS!!!!!!!!

Morris and Reese Named on Naismith Player of the Year Midseason Team – LSU (

Reese has been one of the most dominant players this year in college basketball. In 23 games, Reese has 23 double-doubles, an LSU record for consecutive double-doubles. It is also a SEC record for the most double-doubles ever to begin a season. Reese is averaging 23.5 points and 15.8 rebounds on the year.

The Baltimore, Maryland native Reese has three games in which she has notched at least 20 points and 20 rebounds in the same game, most recently scoring 26 points and grabbing 22 rebounds Sunday at Texas A&M. She also set the LSU record earlier this year with 28 rebounds in a game when LSU played Texas A&M in Baton Rouge in early January.

Reese also leads the team with 43 steals and 32 blocks and is No. 2 on the team with 54 assists.

We are hovering in top seed contention and that matters the most

LSU women’s basketball update heading into S.Carolina game | LSU |

Reminder that LSU is the defending West Division Champs because of this play