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Pete Maravich’s Scoring Record Survives

Detroit Mercy’s Antoine Davis comes just shy of breaking the career scoring record

Turns out there’s one positive from this 2022-23 men’s college basketball season for LSU: Pete Maravich holds on to his career scoring record...for now at least.

If you hadn’t been paying attention, Detroit Mercy’s Antoine Davis was threatening to break what seemed like Pistol Pete’s unbreakable record. Davis came into Thursday night’s game against Youngstown State 26 points away from breaking Maravich’s mark of 3,667 points.

Instead Davis was held to 22 points, leaving him three points shy of tying Maravich. Davis was off all night and Youngstown State certainly seemed to have no interest in him breaking the record at their expense. Davis shot 7-26 overall and missed a three in the final seconds that would have tied the record.

At 14-19 Detroit Mercy will not qualify for neither the NCAA Tournament nor the NIT. But there is a chance they could play in the CBI Tournament, which would give Davis another chance. There’s a catch though: teams have to pay $50,000 to enter the CBI.

“If they want to play, we’ll play,” Mike Davis, Antoine’s father and head coach at Detroit Mercy said. “If they don’t want to play and it’s time to move on, we won’t play.”

I really had to do some soul-searching last night. I’ve never met Antoine Davis, and likely never will. I’m sure he’s a wonderful young man and I wish him all the best in every avenue of life. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t cheering heavily against Davis.

Maravich set his record in three years, 83 games, as freshmen weren’t allowed to play varsity. He also of course did not have a three-point line. Davis, had he broken the record, would have done it 143 games and the benefit of a three-point line which gave him an extra 500ish points to his career point total. If Detroit Mercy does get another game and Davis breaks the record good for him, but for me at least Maravich will always be the record holder.

I don’t know, I guess I’m just a massive hater.