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Link Gumbo: WE WANT BAMA to stop complaining, Spring Ball Starts tomorrow

Just get healthy folks

The player I am most focused on is John Emery
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It sounds like the SEC is moving to a 9 game schedule with 3 permanent opponents. The beauty of this is seeing all schools within a 4 year period, which is nice, and daunting to be honest. It also prevents late season cupcakes between big games that behooved some schools for 10 years.

Nick gave his thoughts, and just like every old man in the springtime, he wants folks to get off his lawn. Bama ends up keeping their 3 biggest rivals they face every year and somehow he is upset. Remember when the league completely acquiesced keeping the 3rd Saturday in October over all other rivalries when it went through two revamps? UT flat out stinks for a decade, gets good for 1 year and Saban wants out. LOL. Yes, comparatively, Bama does get the short end of the stick, but that is if you believe UT is really on the up and up. And it doesn’t really matter anyway. Just like the schedule flipping us to extremely tough road games every other year, we will now get some overwhelming years and some manageable years to offset each other.

Why not take the attitude of Old BK? Embrace the challenge! Acknowledge how massive of an advantage it is that you can start the year outside of the top 25 only to end up in the Top 5 of the CFP in late November with TWO LOSSES. One of my absolute favorite quotes from the 2019 season was from the Coach O saying “we don’t care where we play, we will play in a parking lot” when talking about anybody, anytime, anywhere. That still lives on with old plucky LSU. I love BKs mentality.

And he will need to carry that mindset into Spring Ball which starts tomorrow. LSU will be a favorite to win the west. How he manages minutes and roster spots this spring will play a huge role in keeping our position as the favorites. Spring Ball this year is less installation and more maturation in personnel groups.

The Process Doesn’t want a challenge

Preach BK!

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Get well soon and see you in the summer

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Add another to the players drafted from the 2019 squad