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LSU—Yeah, that LSU—Doesn’t Care if You Like Them

Sometimes it’s fun being the bad guy

NCAA Womens Basketball: Louisiana State Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been on Twitter during LSU’s run to its first ever national championship, you’ve probably seen people in and outside of the program tweet the words “LSU, yeah that LSU.”

That’s in response to this January tweet by Daniel Connolly, who covers UConn women’s hoops for our UConn sister site The UConn Blog.

Connolly was dismissive of the Tigers then and since then those four words have turned into a purple and gold rallying cry.

Sometimes it’s fun being the villain. When you know the majority is pulling against you, but you still come out on top and you can throw all that back in their face? That shit rules.

When the ball is tipped this afternoon in Dallas I would imagine the majority of the sporting world is going to root for Iowa. That’s fine, I get it. Caitlin Clark is a superstar, the Hawkeyes took down big bad South Carolina, and many would probably love to see Iowa finish the job and win its first national championship in program history.

That’s what would make an LSU win even more satisfying.

Coming into this Final Four I’d imagine LSU would come in last place in a “who do you want to see win” straw poll. Everyone loves South Carolina. They love Dawn Staley and would love to see Aliyah Boston close out her career with back-to-back titles. Or maybe if you weren’t in Carolina’s camp you were starry eyed over Caitlin Clark, the Pete Maravich/Steph Curry hybrid that can shoot from half court with ease or make impossible passes look routine. Heck if you weren’t in either of those camps maybe you said “ehh I dunno, it’d be cool to see Virginia Tech finally win something.”

But LSU? “Nah not LSU. They brag too much. Ain’t played nobody. I don’t like Kim Mulkey.”

You’re right. And you know what? Those of us who do ride with this group don’t care what you or anyone else thinks.

These Tigers are as loud as a Kim Mulkey outfit, and they do have as much swagger as Angel Reese after she hits an opponent with the “too small.” Like the 2019 football team they’re unapologetically them and they ain’t changing for you or anybody else.

Around these parts that’s how we like our teams. And LSU—yeah that LSU—they don’t give a damn if you like ‘em or not.