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GAMETHREAD: 2023 College World Series Opening Round—LSU vs. Tennessee, 6:40P.M., ESPN


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It’s been six long years, but the Tigers are back in their home away from home: Omaha, better known as LSU: North.

For most programs, six years between World Series appearances is a luxury. But not around these parts. As Tom Hart said during LSU’s Super Regional Game 2 victory against Kentucky: Omaha’s a birthright.

LSU’s long overdue to update the Intimidator, and the journey begins tonight. In LSU’s way is Tennessee, the noveau riche, Johnny Come Lately program that just found out about this little sport called ““baseball.”

The Tigers are five wins away from a championship. The work begins tonight.




  • SS—Ahuna
  • CF—Ensley
  • LF—Dickey
  • 2B—Moore
  • 3B—Denton
  • DH—Merritt
  • 1B—Burke
  • RF—Scott
  • C—Scott
  • P—Lindsey (3-3, 2.79 ERA, 69 Ks/18 BBs)


  • CF—Crews
  • 3B—White
  • 1B—Morgan
  • C—Travinski
  • DH—Beloso
  • 2B—Dugas
  • RF—Jobert
  • SS—Thompson
  • LF—Pearson
  • P—Skenes (12-2, 1.77 ERA, 188 Ks/18 BBs)