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What the SEC Network Should Actually Air for LSU Takeover Day

It was an all-time great year for LSU Sports, let’s relive it accordingly

The 2022-23 NCAA season will go down as one of the all-time great years in LSU history. Two national championships, a resurgent football season, the SEC Male Athlete of the Year, several high draft picks and a weirdly viral Tik Tok caught plenty of headlines.

This week the SEC Network is doing its annual “takeover” where each day all 24 hours of programming are devoted to one school. Despite an all-time great year, the selection for LSU’s Takeover Day on Friday was... underwhelming.

Sure they got our two championships and the football win over Bama but nothing prior to 2022? Neither of the fun as hell football wins against Florida and Ole Miss? Neither of the thrilling gym wins over Florida and Alabama? Two regular season WBB games instead of the Sweet 16 thriller? THE SPRING GAME???

Sure, most of these entire broadcasts can be found on YouTube, but this is still LSU’s day! We should be seeing the things LSU fans wanna see. So I made a schedule of exactly that!

(times are Central because it’s where we are and it’s the best)

Now let’s break down each event and talk about what to expect.

12:00 am: #5 LSU vs. #2 Florida (Men’s College World Series Finals Game 3)

Let’s kick things off with how it ended: a glorious 18-4 thrashing of the hated Florida Gators on college baseball’s biggest stage. If I didn’t have a job I would have rewatched this whole game every day of the week-plus since it happened.

3:00 am: #3 LSU vs. #2 Iowa (NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship Game)

They really scored 102 damn points in the championship game. I still can’t believe that. The first women’s basketball championship in school history is a lock to be part of this takeover.

5:00 am: #6 Alabama vs. #10 LSU (Football)

It may be early Friday morning, but we are reliving the best Saturday Night in Death Valley of the past few years. This epic game will never get old. Go for two every time.

8:00 am: Montage of all 209 Paul Skenes strikeouts

Fun fact: Skenes was still not even on LSU’s roster at this point one year ago today. He didn’t commit until July 29 and some of us were still under the impression he would be a two-way player. An SEC record 209 strikeouts later he isn’t just a great player, but perhaps the most talented pitcher in program history.

10:00 am: LSU Men’s Basketball 2022-23 Season Highlights

Apparently they beat an Arkansas team that managed to get all the way to the Sweet 16. That sounds crazy!

10:01 am: That NBA Game Where Cam Thomas Scored 47 Points

I will forever be upset that the Cam Thomas season at LSU was the one year the PMAC was forced to have a limited capacity crowd due to COVID-19. The only thing we can do is live vicariously through the Brooklyn Nets. Sure the Nets lost this game, but it’s not like we care that much. Also I know you’re concerned but don’t worry, Ben Simmons did not play in this game. You won’t have to look at this face.

12:00 pm: Portal Poachers Part 1 feat. Kim Mulkey

Be a fly on the wall in this guerrilla style feature where hidden cameras take you inside the art of recruiting athletes out of the transfer portal. Overhear Mulkey make backroom NIL deals and promise roster spots in the hopes of landing the sport’s biggest established stars. Some coaches find this an unethical practice. The other coaches win championships.

1:00 pm: One Hour of Livvy Rizzing Up Baby Gronk on Loop

Livvy rizzed up Baby Gronk and convinced him to come to LSU. Is Baby Gronk the new Drip King or is Livvy just using him for clout?

2:00 pm: Tigers in Tranquility: Inside Post-Coaching Life with D-D Breaux, Paul Mainieri and Ed Orgeron

Coaching is one of the hardest jobs in America, especially at a place with championship expectations like LSU. As much as coaches love to do what they do, it can be nice to step away. Since so many coaches are former players, their sports have consumed their entire lives. Hear from these three coaches responsible for many LSU wins and championships talk about life on the other side. The things they enjoy doing now, the things they miss, the losses they’re still haunted by, the things they’re replacements aren’t good at, all is on the table in this discussion.

3:00 pm: American Gangster: The Will Wade Story directed by Martin Scorsese

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a basketball coach.”

From promising to awaken a sleeping giant to being the target of an FBI manhunt, Will Wade is one of the most captivating figures in LSU history. Dive in to the full story of how he brought a culture of winning back to LSU men’s basketball at the cost of his freedom.

Note: This is an abridged version of the full film. Scorsese’s uncompromising vision resulted in the director’s cut being 3 hours and 35 minutes. It will play exclusively in theaters.

4:00 pm: Portal Poachers Part 2 feat. Jay Johnson

Yeah Jay Johnson just won a championship, but that doesn’t happen without Paul Skenes, Tommy White or Thatcher Hurd. Recruiting for the 2024 Men’s College World Series begins NOW... and we’re invited inside.

5:00 pm: Hunting and Fishing Hour feat. Ben McDonald and Marcus Spears

In addition to being great representatives of LSU on the field and in the ESPN studios, McDonald and Spears have a penchant for the outdoors that most Tiger fans share. Pack up your duck calls and camo face paint because after a long year of hunting gators, pigs and elephants, it’s time for us to hunt some deer, birds and fish.

6:00 pm: Rings of Power: Celebration Technique Roundtable with Joe Burrow, Angel Reese and Dylan Crews

Let’s be honest, this is the main event.

Three of the greatest athletes in LSU history coming together for a discussion on how to properly celebrate a championship-clinching performance. Who cares about being called “classless” when you’ve just reached the mountaintop? Who cares about “acting like you’ve been there before” when you literally haven’t? You just won a championship. Let’s talk about how to talk shit. Also they should all do the Single Ladies dance.

7:00 pm: Top Gun 3: Fastball starring Paul Skenes

What starts off as a serious drama about aerial warfare and geopolitical strife turns into a slapstick comedy where the 6-foot-6 Skenes can’t fit into the cockpit. Because the movie is skipping theaters and releasing straight to TV we do not have Tom Cruise’s blessing and are about to be embroiled in a lengthy lawsuit over this.

9:00 pm: Who Wants To Be A NILlionaire? Hosted by Gordon McKernan

Look, athletes come to LSU to win championships and leave a legacy... but let’d not kid ourselves and act like money isn’t a part of it. Famed Baton Rouge attorney Gordon McKernan hosts LSU athletes in a game of Tiger-based trivia questions that can net them a substantial sum of money. Weird how there are no questions regarding the 2012-15 football seasons. Where did they all go?

10:00 pm: 2019 LSU Football Highlights (we will never get tired of this)

I still can’t believe this season happened. What a magical ride.

11:00 pm: Jell-O Shot National Champions Highlights

Winning the Women’s Basketball National Championship by 17 points is impressive. Winning the Men’s College World Series by 14 runs is incredible. More than doubling up the rest of the field in the Jell-O shot contest is a record that will stand the test of time.