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2023 Fall Camp: Aug. 14 Recap

Here are some of the observations I made at practice today.

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Monday’s practice was open to the media and the team had another full practice. However, it was relatively shorter than the usual ones. Here are some of the observations I made at Monday’s practice.

Roll Call

Tight end Ka’morreon Pimpton and wide receiver Kyle Parker were back at practice after he was not seen at the last practice.

Safety Greg Brooks, defensive tackle Maason Smith, running back Josh Williams, running back Logan Diggs, running back Armoni Goodwin, and wide receiver Landon Ibieta were limited throughout practice as they did some light work and some individual drills.

Texas A&M transfer Denver Harris was not seen at practice. There seems to be some rumblings that he may have been kicked off the team but nobody won’t know anything until it has been addressed by either Brian Kelly, LSU or even Harris himself.

Offensive lineman Mason Lunsford was not seen at practice today as well.


Quarterback Jayden Daniels looked good once again and he continues to improve every single practice. He made some nice throws in 7-on-7s. However, he looked shaky at times due to how well the defense played. Daniels found Jackson McGohan and Brian Thomas on short throws, took a coverage “sack” but then he connected with Malik Nabers about 15 yards down the field. On the next play, Daniels missed Chris Hilton on a bomb down the left sideline.

Quarterback Garrett Nussmeier had a better day at practice on Monday as he did not make any mental errors. However, similar to Daniels, Nussmeier had a good bit of his passes broken up due to the play of the defense.

Rickie Collins made the best throw of the day when he tossed a 20-yard pass to John Emery down the left sideline on a deep wheel route.

The offensive starting lineup remained the same. However, the second-team offensive line had some shifts with Lunsford being out of practice. The second-team offensive line consisted of Bo Bordelon, Kimo Makaneole, DJ Chester, Marlon Martinez, and Zalance Heard.


The defense remained the same. Maason Smith’s replacement was veteran defensive lineman Jacobian Guillory who has been getting a lot of reps in both the first and second-team defense. The rest of the defensive lineup stayed the same.

For the second-team defensive backfield, Ashton Stamps and Laterrance Welch were both at corner while Javien Toviano, Ryan Robinson and Jordan Allen were the safeties. For the front seven of the second-team defense, the Weeks brothers (West and Whit) were at linebacker and the defensive line was Dashawn Womack, Jordan Jefferson, Jalen Lee, and Bradyn Swinson.

Stamps made a great play on the ball on a comeback route to break up the pass in the earlier stages of practice. A few plays later, Welch broke up a pass to wide receiver Jalen Brown on the sideline on a throw that was around 20 yards downfield.

During 7-on-7s, the secondary made the quarterbacks throw a lot of short passes due to coverages being so tight. It looked like the defense was working a lot of different coverages switching from man to zone depending on the play.