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How To Football: Week Zero

Your guide to the soft launch of the college football season


Welcome to the last season of college football. This weekend, we will soft launch the college football we know and love for the last time before sweeping changes turn it into something unrecognizable.

But that’s a conversation for another day. For now, just enjoy the return of college football.

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Week Zero Shift

  • Navy-Notre Dame: The only notable things about this game are 1) how will Navy look with the new rules in college football that further limit option offenses and 2) that is will be played in Dublin.
  • Mercer-North Alabama: Those familiar know that Week Zero serves as an FCS spotlight weekend, and this year we get a spicy regional showdown between Mercer (located in Macon, Georgia for the uninitiated) and North Alabama at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery. Sadly UNA was WOEFUL last year, going 1-10 so I’m not sure how much of a game it’s going to be.
  • UTEP-Jacksonville State: I think this is your game of the day. Jacksonville State begins their transition period as a NCAA FBS team and they could be in a position to secure their first win as an FBS program, but they’ll have to earn it against a UTEP team that is building a respectable program brick by brick, cruelly missing out on bowl eligibility last year in a 34-31 loss to UTSA in the last game of the season.
  • Jackson State-South Carolina State: The other part of the FCS Spotlight aspect of Week Zero is the MEAC/SWAC Challenge that this year pits Deion-less Jackson State against South Carolina State. Sadly even without Prime, I think the Tigers are going to have little problem dispatching the Bulldogs.
  • Hawaii-Vanderbilt: So uh, is uh, Vandy’s stadium gonna be done for this ooorrrrrrrrrrr....
  • Florida International-Louisiana Tech: Two teams who combined for 7 wins last year, rough way to end the night. Maybe just watch Daytona instead.