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Link Gumbo: Coast to Coast

Big News out of the ACC this morning

2023 SEC Media Days
News breaking everywhere
Photo by Johnnie Izquierdo/Getty Images

We back baby!!

Big news out of the ACC with the additions of Stanford, Cal..and SMU. Wow.

Imagine being the driver for the football equipment for those schools.

I recently had to make the trek from Nashville to NOLA and boy was it fun listening to LSU take up the airwaves due to the big game on Sunday. I love having a marquee opponent on the upswing. I think both teams are better than they were last year, and I believe the hype of this game featuring two Heisman Contenders.

But if Harold Perkins does what I think he will then this game may be featuring three candidates.

And of course we had some Gumbo weather the past couple of days, as well as the annual tradition of terrible weather hitting the location of LSU’s first game.

Outside of gearing up for the game, we have to gear up for a major in state DT recruit announcing his decision today. From most sites, it sounds like he is going out of state, but the battle will go down to the wire. Fingers crossed.

This duo has delivered some Tess Effect the last couple of games, I expect the same Sunday:

Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit on the call for LSU vs. Florida State (

They called the 2019 Natty, so the good vibes have always been there. And due to CBS falling off if we hear Chris and Kirk then it means we are in the national game of the week. They called the game last year in NOLA and then delivered the call of the year on the 2 point play to defeat Bama, knock them out of the SEC west race, and eliminate them from the playoffs as well. May that good Juju continue in perpetuity with these two in the booth

The Hype is warranted:

As of today, Jordan Travis will be the best QB we face this entire season. And he has more weapons than he did last year. Look, I am nervous about our back end. If they can’t cover then they better be able to tackle what is in front of them. I am also nervous about Maason missing this game, he is a threat directly in the QBs vision and he occupies enough linemen to allow Speights and Perkins to do what they do. But then I wrap myself in the warm blanket of hype that I am buying of Jayden’s progression this off season

Speaking of:

LSU Football: Brian Kelly on Jayden Daniels growth ahead of season (

We have added weapons as well. But our running game has to pose some semblance of a threat or we will get into downs and distances that don’t favor our strengths

Finally, let’s keep our status as the best: