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Link Gumbo: 72 and Sunny

That is a LOT of points

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Earned some reps

Chalk will probably prevail in the end but it is fun to see 5 conferences represented in the top 5 this week. Even more interesting to see was Bama finally falling as far as they are supposed to after a loss. I can not remember the last time the tide fell 7 spots in the poll. be ready for the QUALITY LOSS arguments springing up after their hang over

That is a good and bad thing, because it means we are truly walking a razor wire. Keep the focus on winning the west. 4 out of the last 6 times LSU won the west they played for a Natty. I think the division is up for grabs. And here is the hot take, UGA is not two rungs above everyone else. Their offense will not keep up in a shoot out. Their defense looks legit, but they aren’t a true bull dozer of a team like we have seen the last 3 years prior.

I liked the running game for us. Timing in the passing game looked a smidge better, and Thomas looks the part. I am more skeptical of our back end. It is evident we will have issues covering, but if we can’t tackle then shootouts galore. I don’t like seeing us that far off the line in coverage against Grambling and the way I read it is we have to because we don’t have the speed nor the recovery ability for our players to line up tight. It is hard to tackle when you can’t even stay within 5 yards of your responsibility.

Fair Enough

How LSU graded out in win over Grambling (

To hard to glean anything from this. We completely overwhelmed an instate opponent and I will never take that for granted. Our starting QB looked sharp, set records and made way for his back up to get an entire half of reps. That is incredibly valuable. I bought an 18 pack of CCLs (cold coors light) and used the majority of those on the Bama/UT game, because our team took care of business. Yes we looked sloppy at the start. But when you convert almost every offensive drive you get it lessens the tension as a fan watching.

This man spent about 2,000 words using the same sentence

Tell the Truth Monday: We don’t know if LSU is ready for SEC play (

“The Tigers looked unworthy of their preseason No. 5 ranking when they played Florida State, and the mismatch that they took advantage of Saturday has no predictive value when it comes to SEC competition.

We know that LSU has a very good – and occasionally outstanding – quarterback in Jayden Daniels. But we knew that before the season started.

We know that LSU has a lot of talented wide receivers, but we don’t know how consistently productive they will be. They had a few drops that were harmful in the opener, then they dominated against Grambling.

We know LSU has better depth at running back than it had a year ago, but we don’t know if that will translate into a week-in and week-out SEC-caliber running game.”

There are actually a few things we do know. Our offense is better than our defense, and it will keep us in games. I also think our running game will only get better, which will actually help our defense a ton by controlling the game. I also know that we are in a bad spot right bow with Perkins and his usage. I wanted to argue that Perkins looks like Devin White did early on when he was learning the Mike, and if Perkins can learn to read like White did then watch out on any running play because it will be blown up in the backfield. But White never had the Explosive burst and timing off the edge like Perk. You can’t teach that.

And to rebuke that first sentence, two weeks in we have a pretty different top 5, and none of them truly stick out as super elite. We might see 20 different programs make their way in and out of the top 10 this season

Three of them have legit QBs that can elevate their teams to a win

They want the new boogey man, because they vanquished the old boogeyman