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Link Gumbo: Litmus Test

Miss State usually lets us know how the season will really go

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Stay vigilant young man

Auburn used to be the early systems check. Heck, Auburn used to be the game of year for the SEC in the early 2000s. Then it tempered down a little, but always hung around as the early season litmus test. How that game went usually let us know how our chances would go in terms of the division. At least we would know early on.

And now Mississippi State has taken on that billing. They always feel early in the year. They have come around in the last few years and put us in our place a couple of times. But even with their success, this is a game that LSU fans do not expect to lose. When we lose to them we talk a lot more about where we are in college football tiers than we do where we are in conference standings.

They are coming off a big win against Arizona, but I think we slow that momentum down and look like a much improved team compared to the one on the field in Orlando in week 1.

Our offense carries the day. Our defense makes us drink.

On a positive note

Grambling State LB Jaquavis Richmond recovering in Baton Rouge hospital (

I did not realize he was going to need surgery after I saw the thumbs up but it sounded like he did and it sounded like it was successful. Many blessings in your recover process Jaquavis.

Playing during the “Dirty Windshield Jefferson Pilot Slot” always worries me

LSU Football: How Tiges will prepare for morning start on Saturday (

It is never an ideal time, especially when it comes to circadian rythm. It just reminds me of the three Daves. And Eddie Kennison. And Robert Royal. Let’s hope our defense eats their Wheaties before kick off

Some folks are back to backing the Tigahs

College football best bets for Week 3: Value in two SEC games, including Florida-Tennessee - The Athletic

“I think Mississippi State is a total fraud. They needed overtime to get past Arizona last week when they were plus-four in turnovers! That’s not a recipe for a good team. LSU, on the other hand, might be a little underrated. Sure, the Tigers got demolished in the second half against Florida State, but they were right there at half time. I’m willing to buy back in on LSU this week.”

I’m not gonna go around calling any team a fraud. But I also am willing to buy back in LSU this week. This game can really alter perspective moving forward