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How To Football: Week 3

There’s football Saturday. Here’s some words about all the football worth laying eyes upon, and some not worth laying eyes upon.

Mercer v Ole Miss
Lane making a T? For Tech? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images
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Steamy in Starkville Shift

  • LSU-Mississippi State: Geaux Tigers, etc.
  • Iowa State-Ohio: The question being asked is “Did Matt Campbell miss the boat out of Aimes?” I don’t know if we’ll be able to answer that with a no, but I do know that losing this game can result in a “yes”.
  • Kansas State-Mizzou: The two schools are finally putting their pride aside and getting this Big 12 fixture back on the books, and it feels right. Almost makes up for the fact that the Wildcats are going to sit on the Tigers and shrink the game into a dreck.
  • llvll-Indiana: I’m weirdly bullish on this game, mostly because this Brohm llvll team is still an unknown and the Hoosiers defense...looked good against Ohio State? We’re establishing a sample here.

Gulf Coast Shift

  • Minnesota-North Carolina: The Tar Heels looked good, really good in Week 1...and then needed overtime to put away App State. We’ll spin the wheel at 2:30 Saturday and see what team shows up this week.
  • Alabama-USF: The spread is Alabama -32. After a loss. Act accordingly.
  • Tulane-Southern Miss: Last year Will Hall’s team put a damper on the Greenies’ dream season with a 27-24 upset win in New Orleans. I think there’s going to be a bit of a revenge factor heading into this one.
  • South Carolina-Georgia: A month ago I was quietly looking forward to this game. Not so much now, no.

Backyard Brawl Shift

  • Tennessee-Florida: A lot has been made about Billy Napier’s rough opening night in SLC, but Tennessee hasn’t exactly blown bad teams away in the first half so far. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.
  • Pitt-West Virginia: The return of the Backyard Brawl last year was a wild one, but has been obscured by West Virginia bottoming out and Pitt not being great either. A loss to either side could warm up a few chairs while a win could garner some goodwill.
  • BYU-Arkansas: Don’t have much of a read other than “should be pretty good.” Either it’s a tight one down the stretch or KJ Jefferson balls out, either of which I’m tight with.
  • Georgia Tech-Ole Miss: LANE KIFFIN: “yeah I got a ratio you can raise right here pa--”

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • Fresno State-Arizona State: Big Ten West Leaders Fresno State, 2-0 in conference play.
  • Colorado-Colorado State: hey what’s going on colorado why is everyone making such a big deal out of them
  • Kansas-Nevada: It’s football, and football Jalon Daniels is playing in.
  • UTEP-Arizona: I don’t know why I put this on the list. It’s going to be bad and it’s not like you can watch it anyway.