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Link Gumbo: Speights is doubtful

Late night Links

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 03 Camping World Kickoff - LSU vs Florida State
This can cause a domino effect
Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kelly ran through his injury report and two important cogs are listed as doubtful. Mason Taylor will be gametime. Speights sounds like he will be there for moral support.

Weeks is going to have to earn his keep. And the defensive line is going to need to be maulers that clog up lanes AND generate pressure. Perkins will have his hands full fitting the run. But again, I believe our offense will carry the day. And it will be out of major necessity.

Which is why it’s nice to have this as an option:

his progression is going to matter immensely over the next 3 weeks:

Always take a QB transfer from Ohio State, but maybe take a flyer next time on a DB?

I still feel calm about this game. Maybe nerves will rise when I wake up Saturday, but I just feel like the offense is going to settle the fan base down with it’s running game and quick pass game.