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Link Gumbo: Litmus test passed, results indicate adrenaline shock

Daniels and Denbrock are cooking with GAS

LSU v Mississippi State
This man has the smile of a QB surrounded with weapons
Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

I need to sit down and watch more games with my dad in person. The last time he and I watched a game together without anybody else joining was the Oklahoma game in the 2019 CFP Final.

We watched again this Saturday, and I am realizing my dad is a harbinger of perfection from a QB and WR. And yet, HE STILL COMPLAINED ABOUT NUSS BEING A BETTER QB OPTION THAN DANIELS. It was such a great result that we had time to banter about that in the 2nd half. And he finally realized what the rest of the world saw...when you give Daniels that much time and that many options we can look pretty elite.

It was the best JD has thrown the ball. Our offensive like looks Moore Award levels. Our D Line looks like it should. Weeks is a revelation as he allows Perk to swing to the outside.

And Diggs was a critical piece missing in the FSU Game. I am still a believer in Anderson, he just needs better bubble screens and needs to be treated like Kadarius Toney at Florida. The plays we are running to get him to the edge don’t work, his vision plays a role in that, but a true threat to the edge will make this offense unstoppable. We don’t have a game breaker at RB that can get to the edge, we have dynamic running backs that can power forward and patiently get up field. Anderson will be needed to soften up the middle against stouter front lines.

I really wonder what Denbrock will do when Taylor gets healthy. Last year we hinted at running the offense through the tight end, Saturday was the highest level of a wide receiver centric offense that I have seen from LSU in 4 years. And again, I can not give enough praise to our O Line in pass pro, holy cow.

LSU Got almost everything right:

LSU Tigers get minds right, blow out Mississippi State | LSU |

They got their minds, bodies and souls right for that one

These were earned reps with quality results:

See how LSU freshmen impacted game in win over MSU | LSU |

These were by no means garbage minutes. And Weeks really flashed some burst, while Penn played his lanes.

A freshman also gave us this:

Are these good? Should we be smiling about this? Does this mean something positive?

Completely agree Zach, completely agree: