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How To Football: Week 4

Hope you have multiple screen ready for this weekend, you’ll need it.

WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC

SEC East Championship Shift

  • Florida State-Clemson: Nothing too snarky here, genuinely believe this could be a great game that could decide the ACC or at least be a preview of what we’ll see in December. Yes, Clemson lost to Duke, but I needn’t remind you how much of a fluke that game was for it to be in doubt before Duke pulled away late.
  • Auburn-Texas A&M: I don’t know who is the winner here, but I do relish the fact that there’s going to be a loser.
  • Oklahoma-Cincinnati: Would this be a shocking result? No. Would it result in a great of consternation in the Sooner state? Abso-lutely.
  • Virginia Tech-Marshall: I don’t know who is in charge of Virginia Tech’s scheduling, but I hope they know they can...just...stop scheduling these tough road games against emerging G5 schools. Just don’t do it! Hit da bricks!

Jose Aguafresca Shift

  • Ole Miss-Alabama: Four words: Pete Golding Revenge Game.
  • BYU-Kansas: SP+ is calling this one a toss-up and I honestly buy that. This game will be great complimentary viewing to Ole Miss-Bama.
  • Colorado-Oregon: I don’t know much about the science of airplanes, nor do I pretend to, but I know they all follow one basic rule: whatever goes in the air does not stay there forever. I also know that the force of gravity is 9.8 m/s.
  • UCLA-Utah: Another lowkey game that I think will provide some great action. This week is spoiling us for real.

Cochon de Lait Shift

  • Arkansas-LSU: I am indeed worried about what a healthy KJ Jefferson can do against our secondary but overall I am not that worried (i am terrified).
  • Ohio State-Notre Dame: Can’t even hate, this is simultaneously a helmet game but also one that I think has potential to be a great one, and one that informs us what kind of team both sides have. Well done, booking agents.
  • Oregon State-Washington State: Another heater on paper. The PAC-12 Leftovers have had pretty bold starts to the season, and the winner of this game could very well be on their way to a NY6 bowl game.
  • Iowa-Penn State: You know what’s going on here. The race to 325 rolls on!

Robert Kekaula Memorial Shift

  • Cal-Washington: It’s the Michael Penix Jr. Show.
  • USC-Arizona State: It’s the Caleb Williams Show.
  • Kent State-Fresno State: It’s football.
  • New Mexico State-Hawaii: ALOHA FRIENDS!