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Playing Dirty: Arkansas

soo wig pooie

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 AutoZone Liberty Bowl Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After a rousing start to SEC play, the LSU Tigers return home for an exciting SEC showdown with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Here to tell us all the important stuff about the Arkansas Razorbacks, none of the X’s and O’s crap, is Arkansas Fight’s Tucker Partridge. Let’s check in on the ‘Backs!

1. Saturday’s LSU-Arkansas game is a matchup between two 5th year senior QBs. These guys have been playing college football since 2019! What a great year. What’s your favorite memory from the 2019 college football season?

Being the first major sports outlet in the state to call for Chad Morris’ firing is an honor that I will wear with distinction for the rest of my life.

2. Okay that was mean. I’ll be nicer this time. The last time LSU and Arkansas played prior to November was 1936! What’s your favorite memory from the 1936 college football season? Spoiler alert: LSU beat Arkansas that year also.

This headline from the Arkansas - Texas game in 1936 referred to the traveling Razorback football team as “Passing Porkers” which is just elite, and needs to be brought back. The author loved the phrase so much that he used it again in the body copy:

3. While the 2022 season didn’t go the way Arkansas fans hoped, you have to at least take solace in becoming the true Kansas after defeating the Jayhawks in the Liberty Bowl AND NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament! Is the band that plays Carry On Wayward Son now called Arkansas? Does Superman call the Hogs now?

Enlightened souls will know that Arkansas is the OG, and Kansas is the cheap imitator. Arkansas was a territory AND a state first, so really saying Kansas like “Kan-sas” is wrong. It should be pronounced “Ken-saw.” Arkansas is The Natural State. Kansas is a highway to Colorado.

4. More than half the SEC West is employing new OCs this season. Which of the new OCs do you think is the best? We know Tommy Rees sucks. Auburn and Miss State only have new OCs because they have new head coaches. But what about that new guy at Texas A&M? He seems like a bright football mind wouldn’t you say?

I don’t think he’s their guy. Just seems too much of an unknown quantity making the leap straight from Missouri State to Texas A&M. I think the job is just a step too far for a young up and comer.

5. Did the Arkansas baseball team finally get 27 outs in the Regional, or is TCU still scoring more runs?

You know how in The Avengers, Dr. Strange told Iron Man that out of all possibilities, they only have one shot to beat Thanos? Giving up that many runs to TCU was the one possibility we had of jettisoning Kendal Briles. Unfortunately, the monkey’s paw’s finger curled, and now the offense is a problem again. College football is governed by the same God who governed the Puritans, and as Jonathan Edwards so elegantly put it, we are but “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”