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Link Gumbo: November? September? Against Arky it doesn’t matter

Set your clocks to a 3 point game

Play that Touchdown Song Malik!
Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ever since Quincy Carter had his first start against LSU that basically got him drafted by the Cowboys I grown this inherent fear that we will make one college level QB look like an NFL all pro one time a year. Rick Clausen. Casey Clausen. Jeremiah Masoli. John Rhys Plumlee. Darren McFadden. Ryan Mallett. And now KJ Jefferson.

Our secondary is what it is, and we will REALLY miss Greg Brooks, but KJ still made some plays and took advantage of an absent minded back end to keep this game close. I can’t completely bash the defense as it kept us in the game the 1st half and got us through the part of the game that JD was trying to get started and his alternator just would not work.

But we won. And we have confirmed that we have one of the best offenses in the league with a legit #2 receiver. When JD is cooking, I can’t name a QB in the conference that would I would rank higher. We just need to make sure the kitchen is totally prepped for him to get saucy.

Brian Thomas makes me feel better about the future:

LSU 34, Arkansas 31: Here were the Tigers’ top 3 stars | LSU |

I wouldn’t call it a break out game, the dude is just really good and turning into a legitimate threat. And notice how our run game opened up when we became WR centric?

Praying for Greg Brooks:

Teams honor Brooks (

And realizing how much we will absolutely miss him going forward.

A player to keep an eye on:

The pas rush has to intensify. Because we do not look like a team that will generate coverage sacks. When Womack was on the field, he put the WOMACK on em!

Folks, this duo is becoming deadly:

Just to get your week started off right:

I’ve been screaming TRAINED ASSASINS while I water my front yard