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LSU-Missouri to Kickoff at 11 A.M.

Second verse same as the first?

Bad news gang, next week’s game against Missouri is going to be even more tricky thanks to that giant orange ball in the sky.

The SEC announced that #13 LSU vs. #23 Missouri is set to kickoff bright and early, 11 A.M. local time. Hopefully Brian Kelly is scouting car dealerships for the players to stretch at en route to the stadium.

CBS is going to College Station for Alabama-Texas A&M, while Kentucky-Georgia is getting the primetime 6:00 P.M. slot. The rest of the SEC schedule and their times for week six is as follows:

11 a.m. CT – LSU at Missouri, ESPN

11 a.m. CT – Western Michigan at Mississippi State, SEC Network

2:30 p.m. CT – Alabama at Texas A&M, CBS

3 p.m. CT – Vanderbilt at Florida, SEC Network

6 p.m. CT – Kentucky at Georgia, ESPN

6:30 p.m. CT – Arkansas at Ole Miss, SEC Network