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Link Gumbo: Our Offense is our best Defense

This is the same game that Perkins broke out last year. This is the way.

It is upside down when you carry the same strategy into this game that Ole Miss would in the past
Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The week has unfurled and I still come back to the thought that our four minute offense at the end of the Arkansas game is our best weapon in this game. That actually ended up being a 5-6 minute offense in game time, but it absolutely showed the full fledged capabilities of getting yardage when we really needed to close out a game.

And if Ole Miss comes out averaging 6 plus yards to start the game then we will need to turn this into a shoot out quicker than we want. Normally I would lean into our defense to get the one to two stops we need to off set our offense, but I think Kiffin throws the kitchen sink at us in this one.

What I have come to fully accept 4 games into the season is that our offense can keep up with anyone, and may be the best in the league when it is running on all cylinders.

Let’s come out a little more sharp this game JD, keep your name at the top of this list:

This team is really starting to look like that Mett/Hill/Landry/Beckham year:

We are gonna get mad at our secondary, so read up on how long it will take to fix:

I’m hoping we hit over 600 this weekend: